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We provide compassionate pregnancy and postpartum care for growing families in Surrey and North Delta.


Our team of professional midwives come from diverse clinical backgrounds, and use up-to-the-minute, evidence-based practices to ensure positive experiences and the best possible outcomes for you and your family. We provide information, care and guidance to ensure you can confidently and safely navigate your pre-natal, birth, and post-natal options.


Our aim is to provide inclusive care for every family. It is our privilege to be a part of your birth story.


Weighing baby at home



We work as a team of four midwives. Throughout your pregnancy, we make sure you meet and get to know all of us.




Lactation Consultant



Office Manager











Informed Choice

Midwives offer care based on the principle of informed choice. We believe in your autonomy and ability to make the best decisions for you and your family. As experts in pregnancy, birth and postpartum, we offer information and recommendations based on the best evidence available.

Home Birth or Hospital Birth

Our team of midwives provide hospital (Surrey Memorial) and home supported birth. In BC, we are lucky to have a wealth of data spanning over 20 years supporting the safety of home birth for low-risk and healthy clients. If you think you may be interested in home birth, take a moment to read through the Choice of Birth Place Handbook.



Midwives are able to order and interpret all necessary investigations throughout your course of care. Ultrasounds, bloodwork and other tests are provided during our visits. These are the same routine options offered by your family doctor. We can also prescribe necessary medications, treatments, and therapies to support your health and the wellbeing of your baby.


Continuity of Care

Midwifery care is relationship based, which is supported by long visits and the philosophy of continuity. We work in small groups which allows our clients to get to know each of us over the course of their prenatal care. This means, you will know the person who attends you in labour! At Modern, we try to schedule you evenly with each of our midwives for your prenatal visits in order to get to know you, your family and your values.

Our Philosophy

Midwives in BC are guided by a strong philosophy of care that takes into account the deep significance of the work we do every day. As our Philosophy of Care document describes “…[f]undamental to midwifery care is the understanding that a client’s caregivers respect and support them, so that they may give birth safely with power and dignity.”
At Modern, we strive to embody this core philosophy in every aspect of your care.

Home Visits & Feeding Support

After your baby is born, your midwives will conduct your first postpartum visits in your home. We know that the first week with a new baby is filled with joy and challenges. In order to support you welcoming a new baby into your family, we provide feeding support, weight checks and wellness checks at each of our postpartum visits. We are fortunate to have the expertise of our very own international board certified lactation consultant team member, Veronika, who specializes in feeding support for newborns.


"I was so amazed with the postpartum care that you offered at Modern Midwifery! You were so present with all the details of my new baby’s life! I also really appreciated how caring you all were in regards to my postpartum mental health and always checking in to make sure I felt supported and cared for.

I am SO grateful we had the midwife team for our hospital birth. The nursing team was great too.. but being connected to you guys throughout the pregnancy and during the birth made me so much more at ease.

We can’t wait to have another baby to go through the process again together!! The Modern Midwifery team exceeded all expectations throughout my first pregnancy experience and we can’t wait to be back!"

-Jessica, Matt and baby Noelle



Modern Midwifery

#123 - 6345 120 St

Delta, BC V4E 2A6​​

(inside Arc Integrative Medicine)

Clinic Hours:

Monday - Thursday 9am-5pm

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Tel:  (604) 537-4210
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